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Call for papers



The conference invites papers from young scholars dealing with Ukrainian political, social and economic transformation, EU - Ukraine relations and the EU neighbourhood policy.


In order to participate in the conference all concerned will be asked to send an abstract, which should include a title of the proposed paper, basic research aims and participant’s institution. The selection of participants will be based on an open competition. The Conference Board composed of professors of the UITM and the Tischner European University and other experts will select the best abstracts.

Young scholars (up to 35 years, preferably advanced Ph.D. students and young doctors) are invited to submit proposals for papers. Examples of topics to be addressed during the conference include:


political transformation and democracy building in Ukraine

party system, state-society relations, interest group activities in Ukraine

reforms of legal and administration systems in Ukraine

human rights and protection of minorities in Ukraine

economic transformation in Ukraine (macroeconomic policies and economic restructuring, foreign trade, sectoral developments, institutional reforms)

society and culture in Ukraine (civil society, social capital and cultural determinants of political and economic transformation in Ukraine)

Ukraine’s foreign policy and the EU-Ukraine relations in the 1990s and the 2000s

consequences of the recent EU enlargement for Ukraine and new EU external border

functioning and implementation of the European Neighbourhood Policy towards Ukraine

prospects for Ukraine’s cooperation and integration to the EU (association, membership and other options)

the EU member states’ attitudes towards Ukraine and its European vocation

Proposals on other aspects of Ukrainian transformation, relations between Ukraine and the EU and the European Neighbourhood Policy are also welcome. Authors of selected proposals will be requested to submit draft versions of their articles three weeks before the conference and to prepare short (15 minutes) presentations for the conference. The best papers will be published in the Conference Proceedings. The conference language is English.


Participants are requested to cover their own travel expenses. The costs of accommodation and the costs of transportation from Rzeszow to Krakow will be covered by the organizers.


Please send your abstract (not longer than 500 words) for a paper in English by 15 February 2006 to:


Dr Agata Jurkowska


Dr Katarzyna Kosior


For more information please see: Call for proposals






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