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British Council of Ukraine supports Car Free Day. Come and join us!

September 22nd is the world Car Free Day, aiming at decreasing peoples dependence on the cars and switching to environmentally friendly transport. The habit of using the car, even when there is no particular need for it, ruins the environment. Transport produces one third of all greenhouse emissions, which lead to climate change. Car Free Day is celebrated by many countries in the world, and this year Kyiv joins this important initiative.


On the eve of Car Free Day a bike ride, quizzes and a competition on climate change and a concert will take place in Kyiv on September 21st organized by the Cyclists Association of Kyiv, Production Centre ArtPole and Cyclists club Veloks, The British Council in Ukraine supports the event through its Challenge Europe project.

We invite the members of AUDESF to take part in the bike ride on September 21st ! The ride will start from the Arch of Peoples Friendship (near Europe Square) at 15.00 and go through Kreschatik to Podil, then over the Moscow Bridge to the left bank of Dnipro, over the Patons bridge to the right bank and ending in Maryinsky park. In the park there will be figure bike cycling, quizzes, an exhibition on climate change and finally a concert with Ukrainian musicians. Please, visit web-sites and for more information.


For the detailed information on Car Fee Day please contact:


Juliya Mcluck

Cell: +



Or Challenge Europe:  

Victor Kyrylenko,

Science, Technology and Surroundings projects manager

Phone: +38.044.490.56.00



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