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LIFELONG LEARNING Erasmus University Charter 2007 2013

The Erasmus University Charter (EUC) provides the general framework for all European co-operation activities a higher education institution may carry out within the Erasmus Programme. The Charter sets out the fundamental principles and the minimum requirements underlying the Erasmus activities a higher education institution has to respect.

When applying for a EUC the higher education institution is required to develop and include an Erasmus Policy Statement (EPS) which will be published and given wide visibility. The EPS should set out the

overall Erasmus co-operation plan in coherence with the strategy defined in the mission statement of the institution. It will specify the measures and actions the institution intends to introduce in order

to fulfil the principles of the Charter. This concerns notably its Erasmus activities, such as involvement in student and teaching staff mobility, curriculum development, co-operation projects and networks.


Applications for the EUC can be submitted by all types of higher education institutions located in countries which are eligible for participation in the Lifelong Learning Programme. The institution must be recognised as an institution of higher education by the competent authorities of the country where it is located.


Institutions that had already been awarded an Erasmus University Charter under the former Socrates Programme will have to submit a RENEWAL application while other institutions will submit a NEW application.


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